Luxury Villa Marta is a very special place to stay. 1700 years old and a part of the UNESCO world heritage site, it is ideal for those who want a unique combination of modern and antique accommodation.  All visitors to this beautiful city have the ability to see Diocletian Palace, but only our guests have the privilege to be one of the few who are able to take a walk along the Palace walls. You can sip your daily coffee or a glass of wine under the stars on the terrace at the top of the palace walls with a magnificent view on the sea, picturesque little roofs and streets, church towers and Marjan hill. Actually, our terrace is the only exit up to this unique promenade on the Palace walls.
Villa Marta Split - Terasa
Villa Marta was in a very poor condition and it was a real challenge to renovate the house.
It took a lot of love, effort and craftsmanship and it had to comply with the strict conservation rules because of the original north stone Palace wall in the room, that is 1700 years old. A Professor of Art History who stayed at Villa Marta took tiny pieces of the wall that erodes everyday, to show to his students. In the history books you can find that Villa Marta’s walls were used as a defense from the Turkish attacks.

Villa Marta consists of two en suite luxury rooms (each room is on its own floor and they can be a separate accommodation units, the room on the first floor has the particularly noteworthy bathroom that had been integrated into the 1700 year-old wall) and of two floor suit with a room with a bathroom on the lower floor, and kitchen and living room with beautiful terrace on the upper floor.

Nearby the Villa Marta there is picturesque little square with nice bars.